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Thread: Diet soda risks

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    Don't think I'm going to worry about it too much...

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    No doubt Eileen. I've never cared that much for cokes of any kind.

    I drink white or green tea plain or with Stevia and water.

    I'd use sugar before I'd use any artificial sweetner. They're all bad for your body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post

    I'd use sugar before I'd use any artificial sweetner. They're all bad for your body.
    I feel the same way. They are not just horrible for your body, they can also cause problems for your brain. I really loved soda when I was younger but the health consequences of all the chemicals they put in it are just are not worth it. I think the best alternative is a quality natural sparkling water like Perrier. We have been conditioned to eat and drink things that are sweet, if you try eating and drinking things that are unsweetened it won't take very long to recondition yourself to make healthy choices.

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    Wow...this was a great thread. I will be sharing this with my mother.
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    I know that phosphoric acid in pop can lead to kidney/bladder stones ... which is the sole reason I gave it up. My friend's mother had this.
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    When I finally got over my stomach flu and after 3 days without my beloved diet coke it felt good to pop that can and sip on one.
    Maybe it is habit like someone smoking a cigarette after a meal.
    I am going to cut down to one and day instead of 2.

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    More bad news about cola drinks and now it is the caramel coloring agents:

    "Feb. 16, 2011 -- Two types of caramel coloring used in some sodas and foods contain two carcinogens and should be banned, according to the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

    “We are calling on the FDA to ban the use of caramel coloring in colas and certain other foods,” CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson said during a teleconference.

    The caramel coloring used in some sodas is manufactured via a chemical reaction between sugars, ammonia, and sulfates. These reactions produce the two carcinogens: 2-methylimidazole (2-MEI) and 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI), he says. These chemicals have been shown to cause cancer in mice and rats."

    For the complete article:

    All the best,

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    What kind of artifical suger do you have in the diet Coke? We had two different, Splenda and Aspartame. I am getting sick from the Splenda, a lot of air in the stomach and cramps, but I drink the one with Aspartame if I try to loose weight.

    The Splenda was forbidden here last year because it wasn't healthy.
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    I need to stop reading this thread.

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    They forget to tell you that breathing the air is bad for u

    There is nothing safe anymore and all u here on the news is this and that is bad for you.

    Am tired of all the crap on the news lately.


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