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Thread: First job Interview since SCI....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrl View Post
    I never went to the interview, something else came up and decided to wait.
    Ah, okay!

    I'll throw my two cents in about disclosing prior to interviews.

    In the past, most of the jobs I've applied for have been related to disability in some way (helping to serve people with disabilities in some way), so I've always thought that showing that I have a disability as a bonus. I usually just put "handcycling" in a hobbies portion on my resume (which is also an issue up for debate, some hiring managers like to see hobbies, others don't). Some companies also have incentive to hire people with disabilities.

    I think that this is certainly an area where there is no right or wrong. I'd learn as much about the company as possible, and what their culture is like, and go from there. =)

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    Sorry to hear that. I'm a c5 in a power chair and although I haven't had a post-SCI interview, I go out in the community frequently as part of my job. Never once have I has a "shocked" look. Think about it this way- as an AB, were you ever shocked to see someone in a chair?
    And I believe it's illegal to ask anything but accessibility questions at an interview.

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    I didn't for the first ever interview I had. That blew up in my face when the interviewer look at me and said "oh.. .." once she saw the chair She then told me she did not feel she should put me through the interview because she didn't think I could do anything there.

    After that I did. My current boss was actually very taken aback when I disclosed the detail to him over the phone because to him, it seemed irrelevant. I was applying at a call center that had wheelchair access/accessibility (not that I knew that at the time) He actually asked me later on why I thought I needed to share that and I explained the above. He was absolutely disgusted and really, why DO they need to know? Scope it out as a customer if you really want. Are they wheelchair accessible? Your disability should have no bearing on whether you get a job as long as you are qualified for it.

    It really is a personal preference and it does depend on who you're talking/interviewing with. Some think it matters. Others think it's a minor, irrelevant detail.

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    I found Workopolis has some great tips online what to do during an interview. Hope it works out for you. Cheryl

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    I went on another interview, it was for a doctor's office, needless to say as soon as I walked in (I mean rolled in) they thought I was a patient there to see the doctor. I did not get the job, lack of experience, but I will keep looking.
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