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Thread: First job Interview since SCI....

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    First job Interview since SCI....

    I have my first job interview since my SCI, I guess I need point pointers on how to respond to the surprised look when I roll in for my interview.

    7yrs post sci, my work has been at home, so there was no need for a face to face interview, only over the phone.

    How did you guys handle your first interview?

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    I pretended the wheelchair didn't even exist. If it's mentioned, let them bring it up first. Then play it off as it's second nature to you and not a big deal (and hopefully it isn't if you're seeking work outside the home).

    Good luck! Go in and be yourself and I hope you get the job!!!
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    Well, if they are professionals, you won't see a reaction.

    I've been on several interviews, and the only time my diability came up was after I got the job. And that was on how to make accomidations for my desk.
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    Thanks for the reply guys, I think I am more worried about it than they will be.

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    I wouldn't respond to the shock look. Keep your confidence and act like there is no chair in the room. It's worked for me and helped me gain respect and comfort with others very quickly.
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    I mentioned my disability in my cover letter of my resume. Tried to make it sound as if it was a positive thing. I believe it shows character, drive and determination.

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    on interviews i have never gotten a surprised look. when i was a photographer one place i applied to wasnt accessible, i called and we did our interview in the hallway. i gave him my cd of my work and i was hired that day.

    everyone has given great advice be confident in your skills and that will show through!
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    How did the interview go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHsciGuy View Post
    I mentioned my disability in my cover letter of my resume. Tried to make it sound as if it was a positive thing. I believe it shows character, drive and determination.
    I couldn't agree with that. It may show character, etc. but it also gives them an easy way to pass over your resume because it makes them uncomfortable and they really just don't want to deal with it. I've was a software consultant for 30 years and that included many many interviews. Not once did I mention my disability. It shouldn't be an issue and you shouldn't make it one either. You prove yourself by nailing the interview and the fact you're in a wheelchair doesn't factor in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrant27 View Post
    How did the interview go?
    I never went to the interview, something else came up and decided to wait.
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