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Thread: smoking

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    Smoking is GROSS!!! I don't need to smoke to be "cool" and fit in
    sounds like one of those government ads for teenagers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    its not about being cool, its a bad addiction and so hard 2 quit for good.. i've quit about 10 times but if one person walks by with a cigarette the nicotine hunger comes back
    Ok, what made you put a cigarette in your mouth for the very first time? knowing that its bad for you, stinky & expensive
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Actually i think it is cool to smoke.. i think it looks cool
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    my wife is always on me to quit. She says taht is is very bad for the circulation. My retort is, my circulation can't get much worse.

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    Cut back your heallthy oxygen supply. Body saying, "Oh my gosh what happened to the oxygen!"

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    Being cool had nothing to do with it......I'm not sure I really know! Back in the "olden" times......people smoked. We did'nt have all the info that is out there now. No one thought anything about it. Ash trays were used in most homes, I remember we had them on each end table, the coffee table, and a lot were made by good glass companies. They were bought in colored glass to match the furniture and other decor. And my mother did'nt smoke.

    Seems like there was always an adult in the family or friends that did, and you just did'nt think anything of it........

    Thought I'd just mention, for the fun of it, they cost twenty-five cents a pack when I started smoking.......I'm sure they were made affordable to "hook" as many people as possible.

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    Don't judge lest you be judged. I've never smoked and don't like it myself, but I understand it's very difficult for many to quit.

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    Had quit during my hospital and rehab, but started back again after about 8 months now smoking the Swisher sweet's like a cig. there very strong and now I'm really struggling, wanting to quit but I can't!

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    smoked a pack a day of newports for 17 years now...quit a few times while in the hospital/ rehab.
    Now today, Is my first time REALLY trying to quit on my own.I have quit MANY things as of late, so said why not. Bought a box of NIC patches to help, and they are. instead of buying a pack of cigs. I look at all the empty pack when i clean up, and it is a CRAZY amount of money spent on something that will kill you slowly
    yes smoking worse with sci and is the most addictive drug out there IMO. You are just helping pay for the government officials ludicris salaries buy smoking as well.
    Good bye CIGS!!
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I smoked for 28 years and quit cold turkey in 1993...a birthday gift for my wife. I read an article last week about E-cigarettes. The reporter said she easily quit regular cigarettes and is continuing on with E-cigarettes. It has the same amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette but no Tar and you can "smoke" them anywhere as they emit no toxins.

    Good luck to all attempting to quit.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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