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Thread: Does anyone have a DC Current Neuro Muscle Stimulator for sale?

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    Does anyone have a DC Current Neuro Muscle Stimulator for sale?

    I am injured at T10/11 and have a Lower Motor Neuron Lesion with flaccid paralysis. I do not have a reflex arc which makes it impossible for me to use an AC current which are most units. My muscles are denervated which means I need a strong DC current in order to contract my muscles.
    Does anyone have a Neurocare 1000 or similar product for sale? If so I am interested.

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    I have a neurocare 1000 for sale. It used to have a battery pack, but that was removed. It uses an AC adapter that outputs 12VDC at 500mA. Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

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