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Thread: return of sensation after 10 years???

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    return of sensation after 10 years???

    I’m a C5, incomplete, 10 years post injury, with some (patchy) sensation below my level of injury, mostly in my limbs. I’ve had much function restored, but it tapered off years ago and I, assuming that the process had stopped, didn’t focus on it.

    I work out, which has given strength and range of motion, but am of the understanding that actual ”return” isn’t dependent on what I do but on the healing process itself.

    In the past month or so there have been several times when I thought I had more sensation than before.
    One morning I put on a top worn many times before and felt its texture against my skin. Within a few days later I could feel the fabric of my top against my lower back. Then I could feel the temperature of warm water on my hand. I really don’t think all this is imagined! Is it typical to stop improving and then suddenly start up again years later?
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    Not usual, but had a woman return to rehab 5 yrs out a she started to have some return, good luck, any return is good return.

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