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Thread: What to do when your agenty is bont people out

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    do you have to use an agency? a lot of people use craigs list, but they have to be an employer, and do all the paperwork and such themselves. often you can train someone to do what you need. With the economy, my friend who has visiting nurses, three aids, morning, night, and weekends, and someone to bathe and put her to bed. she goes through Jevs, but has managed to find good dependable people. she pays a cleaning lady for the moping, wiping, and vacuuming separately. she may go to a live-in, in the near future, providing a room and a small salary.

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    I only wish I could pay a caregiver $16 an hour. The waiver in Virginia only allows for $8.86 an hour. This is barely more than minimum wage. We have tried agency hires with more than one agency and that was a nightmare. The last one was at least reliable but the one time I left her here alone with Ryan so I could go to the grocery store, I came home and she was asleep. Yes, asleep. Ryan has a TBI in addition be an incomplete C-2. His TBI is in the area of the brain that controls decision making and impulse control. If left alone, he will tend to attempt something that he cannot safely do. I am all for pushing yourself, but within reason.

    We tried hiring our own person but since we live in a rather rural area, outside of bus service, we have had no luck. My desire was to be able to go back to work since my family is really missing the salary I was making before Ryan's injury. I have had to let that go for now. We were able to set it up so that I can be paid for six hours a day (though it really is a 24/7 job). While the $8.86 is a fraction of what I was earning before, it is better than nothing. The worst part is that the job is very physically demanding. He is a full grown person and uses the manual hoyer to get in and out of bed and on and off the commode/shower chair. He can transfer to his exercise mat and his standing frame but the bed is too high off the ground for him to use his legs (feet do not hit the floor) and the shower chair is not stable enough with his weight. He is over 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds. If I thought the hoyer was a permanent thing, I would invest in the overhead track model instead of the manual. Ryan is continuing to make progress in therapy and we still have hope that he will stand pivot transfer soon and one day, walk to any extent.--eak

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    Like Linda, I could be the pa's mother. She is cleaning my house, washing clothes and we go shopping together and she doesn't do any personal stuff at all. But honestly, most of the time I think she thinks she is the boss and not me. And I have to sit and look when she is doing things. If not, she is using my laptop to write on the internet. And she is getting phones all the time, even her parents think it is ok to call like this is not a real job. But I have enough hours, I am not complaining over that, she is coming 6 hours three times a week but most of the time she is only here 4 or 5 hours because she oversleeps and still goes home on the same time. I am bored, but I get a new one in May so I survieve my frustration.

    And she is paid minimum wage, it is about 20 dollar an hour, but that is not very much here.
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    We have had an extremely frustrating week-end with aides not showing up, then blaming the other etc. They are sister in laws and this has happened before. The rule is to let us know if they are changing shifts.
    I so badly wanted to "fire" them both, but there is no one else. It just took us months to replace another.
    I am just dreading tomorrow morning.
    If there was an agency that would accept him I would feel less helpless with this BS.

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    I know I am lucky, it is not really important if she is coming or not. I only have to take care I have enough food and water. I can live with dirty floor, dirty windows, too much garbage, too much cat hair, dirty bathroom, I close my eyes and I am thinking of them that can't get out of the bed alone or take a shower and B.P. It is only boring to be alone for so many days but it seems the spring are here, they promised us 13C tomorrow, the funny thing the snow is not gone. So I have plans to go on a cafe on the sidewalks and take a beer and you are with me, Linda
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