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Thread: Chair adjustment (dump) question.

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    Chair adjustment (dump) question.

    Since I may be getting a new chair after all, I want to make sure I get something I'll be happy with for the next 2+ years. I'm trying some different settings in my current chair (TiLite TRa) to see if I want more dump or not. My chair came with 2" of dump, and is adjustable to 3". I went ahead and put it to 3", re-aligned the front casters and adjusted the back angle.

    The first thing I want to know, will adding extra dump put more pressure on my butt?

    The first thing I noticed is that I sit lower. I only added 1" of dump, but it feels like I'm sitting much lower than that. Is there anyway to have the extra dump without sitting lower?

    Since the wheels are now 1" higher, it feels like it's putting more strain on my shoulders to push.

    I do feel a little more stable now, especially leaning over to pick something up.

    So far, I'm not sure if I like it better. I'm going to leave it like this for the weekend. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but what are the advantages and disadvandages to having more dump in your chair?

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    i have always ran 3 in dump. i like the wheels up around my sides. so im sitting in it not on it. w/ dump u get way more manuverability(sp). w/ dump or another term for it bucket u can make the chair way more tippy to accomodate the rollerblade wheels most of us run on ultralights. if u cant feel your butt do weight shifts because u will have more pressure, its never been an issue for me.

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    Yes, more dump = more ischial pressure. If you make an adjustment like this on your own, it can significantly change your seating pressures, cushion needs, and put strain on your shoulders unless other adjustments are made as well. If you can, get some consultation from a knowledgeable PT or OT about additional adjustments you may need to make.


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