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Thread: I owe SSA money. $45,000 overpayment! What do I do? Please, any advice would help!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Wow, and I was getting nervous about the ~$5K I was 'overpaid' before multiple phone calls eventually found someone that could hit the 'stop paying' key on the computer. Seriously...waiting a few years while working and still collecting?

    Come to think of's almost rounding up to 10 years they forgot of that overpayment...maybe they'll audit down to the small potatos overpayments and hit me up for it eventually, lol.
    I figure I'll post this bit of trivia in this thread as it seems most active on the subject...and I already posted here:

    After 12 years, they finally got me! Got the "letter" yesterday demanding reimbursement in 30 days for SSDI overpayment from 2004. Looks like they're digging deep into past screw-ups now!

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    Figures +$18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt up front(mucho more) I guess even the evil FED has to steal money from ya to buy more ink, the ink mfg's association finally figured out the greenback is worthless, won't be long til the sheeple figure it out(then again, sheeple don't mind because it's dark where their heads are at) I stiffed the IRS and they figured out one of'em ;*) back in 96 after I was first injured. Guy calls me up on the phone and it kicked my modem of the interwebs(mad as a hatter) I explained to him that what had happened in ahem, kind words, so he said I'll not worry about it then but maybe down the road another loser will give ya the same call. FF to 2003 and sho nuff, another shyster wrote me a letter stating it would be deducted from my SS $100.00/month took many moons but they eventually stopped 5 or 6 yrs later. I made ONE trip TO a SS office in Houston after months on end of phone calls to them that they had not put my check in the mail for 7 months running. The 'lady' on the other end of the phone smarted off one too many times. I told her I would be down shortly to see her. I saw her, didn't take'em long to figure out someone wasn't leaving unless I got paid. They never missed after that. Moved to TN a few yrs later and had them do direct deposit in my credit union. The ONLY thing resembling a bank that I use. Cash n carry for me. He might be your Uncle but he sure isn't in my family.

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