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Thread: vibration training / Therapy?

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    vibration training / Therapy?

    I keep hearing more and more about it......... did anyone tried vibration therapy, or training? i came across Gallileo product...
    if you did can you tell me about what you did ? Dianka
    C5 with no grip/wrist ext. or triceps
    (DHAL) If you think you can, you will

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    ive used the power causes many quik muscle contractions....can be used for strengthening..or to relax tight muscles...its not just a sci device, its for everyone.
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    did it help or do anything?
    C5 with no grip/wrist ext. or triceps
    (DHAL) If you think you can, you will

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    ive only a few times.. i stood on it and did mini squats, was tough..havent used often enough to say... but professional sports team use them as part of strength program so got be something to em'.
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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