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Thread: I am a new member caregiving my 91 year old Mother...

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    I am a new member caregiving my 91 year old Mother...

    Hi! I am a new member caregiving my 91 year old mother. My name is Tina and Mom's name is Suzanne.

    I was looking for advice as my Mom, who has a history of bladder cancer but is in remission, just had her bladder stop working. At first we thought she had UTI's that were causing overflow incontinence but when the urologist did a cystoscopy they discovered she had 24 ounces of residual urine.

    I have been cathing her twice a day per Doctors instructions. She has no sensation in the bladder anymore. I don't know if this is a byproduct of the original cancer after which she always had some residual urine and difficulty getting her urethra to relax.

    What I am looking for is advice about how often to cath, should we reuse the catheters, what does this mean, i.e., is the cancer back or something else.

    The Doctor does not want to do a biopsy due to Mom's age. He says there are no medications that will help the bladder neck relax.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?

    Mom has also been experiencing edema in her feet and ankles, which she never gets.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Tina and welcome !

    CC is a community for spinal cord injury and neuro deficits but your question is certainly related arms length - I'm going to move it to the Care forum where you will more likely get an answer to your question ! All the best.

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    Yes, I had the question. Does your Mom have a spinal cord injury? Teh bladder information given on this site pertains mainly to people with a neurogenic bladder caused from injury to a spinal cord.

    However, i would definitely say that when one has residual urine of that significant amount, intermittent cathing is usually done more than twice daily, ie usually every 6 hours.
    I would recommend you re-discuss the causes and treatments of your Moms bladder condition with the urologist and if not satisfied, consider getting a second opinion.
    You are entitled to get current information and all options before you can make decisions on your Moms care.

    If your Mom is not have a spinal cord injury, consider sites that deal specifically with urologic issues.


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    My Mom does not have diagnosed spinal cord injury but from the way she developed the problems with her bladder I suspect that is what is happening.

    Mom has degenerative disc disease and at 91 has lost inches of height and has been experiencing spontaneous falls.

    She wont let anyone in the house for any length of time. She has always been an on her own kind of person.

    She suffered from urine retention after cancer surgery 5-6 years ago but was able to gradually go on her own. Since the recent falls and in the past 4-6 months she developed new symptoms.

    It could be the cancer, it could be her spine. The most dramatic life change has been the overflow incontinence and the inability of the bladder neck to open to otherwise release urine.

    I have not been able to find other sites that had as pertinent information as yours which is why I posted here first. I am Mom's primary caregiver and have been for 11 years since my Dad passed away.

    The Urologist says there is no other means of addressing the problem and has not ascribed it to a specific cause.

    She may wind up also losing the use of her legs but we are not quite there yet. It is complicated.

    My goal is to keep her home until her life ends as this is her request and was my Dad's.

    If anyone knows of a site specific to urological problems please let me know. Thank you for trying to respond.

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    Isn't Flomax used to aid in relaxing the sphinctor to allow those with prostate and other urological problems the ability to void easier? I would ask your mothers doctor if Flomax would be a possibility to try and see if it helps your mom void easier on her own with less residual urine.
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    It is my opinion that your Mom should be cath'd more frequently than 2 times a day. I strongly encourage you to discuss the possibility of increasing your cath's with your Mom's doctor. I would also encourage you to seek a second opinion if you are not happy with the results you are getting.
    Try looking at the Urologic Sites - there is one for people who have problems like your Mom.

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