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Thread: whirlpool bathtubs

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    whirlpool bathtubs

    I been working on a house for an year and half with a year to go. I
    want to in my master bath get an whirlpool bathtub.Are they worth it?

    I have a link to my blog abot buitinga house.

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    I love my whirlpool tub. It helps relax the muscles. I'm considering a hot tub to help relieve some pressure from my skin as well. They are just so expensive.
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    They are very luxurious for a muscle relaxing, soothing, bath, especially in winter when the penetrating cold can make pain brutal. But, they do take a lot of water to fill to the proper level, and in areas of the country where water restrictions and rationing have become common place, it is difficult to justify the use of these tubs for more than an occasional treat.

    I am looking at the walk in tubs as an alternative to a full on whirlpool bathtub. My problem is that these tubs are very tall, and I have a window that will prevent me from using the standard 38 to 40 inch high models. I'm looking for one in the 32 to 34 inch high range and so far have not seen many alternatives and choices.

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    Whirlpool tubs are a luxury, but many people says it's just a great way to relax at the end of the day. If buying it fits your budget (as in you can pay cash for it), I say go ahead. If taking a bath is a way of relaxing for you, then treating yourself ain't bad.

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