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Thread: For theos who use Paid caregiving How mamy pca come in to work

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    For theos who use Paid caregiving How mamy pca come in to work

    I have paid caregiver. I live on my own. I am having a lot of issues
    getting care. I have 24/7 care. Its takes five pacs in a week to
    care for me.

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    My mother has 5 caregivers too, although it is not 24/7.

    She has one live-in (who also has another job) who puts her to bed daily, and gets her up Mon-Friday, and does some care at lunch time Mon-Fri.

    She has another caregiver who does Saturday & Sunday AM and noon, as well late afternoon/evening.

    She has another caregiver who does Mon-Friday late afternoon/evening.

    The 4th and 5th people are "back-up" who can fill in for those above for sick calls, family emergencies, etc. etc. One of these previously held one of the jobs above.

    All but the live-in positions have been held by a variety of PCAs over the years. I just hired the most recent one last weekend (using Craig's List to recruit).


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