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    Back To The Future

    Looking around at wheelchairs before I make my final choice, I found this, “The Sidewinder” made by Jordan Meadows Designs. The fashion-forward white seems to make a cooler-than-thou statement~~~hot pink sparkle might work better; and note the retro wheel-reversal throwback touch.

    It’s definitely an after five chair. And they call it “The Harley Davidson of wheelchairs”—yeah, and Liberache would have made it in the NFL.

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    Looks cool but wouldn't want to ride it. How would you jump a curb with that one?

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    Daraby - it is different.

    All other things being ignored (e.g., no foot rest, its style, etc.) the position of the larger wheels, with respect to the seat, could potentially make it easier to push. It does present a bit of flair, but it lacks practicality.

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    How do you get it in the car? It doesn't look like it folds up much. Looks cool though! Party chair for sure.
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    Looks great, but I'd like to see those back casters in action. Without a 360 swivel it looks like they'd get hung up backing up and manuvering backwards when you would need to.

    But love the design. This is something I'd like to see after a bit of tweaking for practicality.

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    Doesn't look like it was designed by (or for) a wheelchair user. Sure is nice looking, though.

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    It is really nice looking but only useful in my own house and down in the car and drive to the place I was visiting and I had to park real close and hope there is no or curb or steps there
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I agree with you all, its functionality is questionable. For example, where do you put your feet? They just dangle down? Or one could sit cross-legged in it?

    And it's an homage to war vets. Somehow I can't see a wounded Special Ops vet tooling around in something that looks like George Jetson crashed landed in a Versace showroom. I would use it but only if I was on Dancing With the Stars.

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    They had some with footplates on. But the casters behind and no breaks would have killed me
    TH 12, 43 years post

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