On January 10th my 21 year old boyfriend of about seven years Jordan was in a terrible car accident on his way back to college in Erie Pa. He says there was about six inches of snow on the ground and the only other car on the road unfortunately didnt have enough time to react when his car spun out of control. He has a complete c6 and is considered "asia a." From what I have learned, he is pretty typical of most complete c6 quadriplegics. He can move his arms, shoulders, neck, and wrists. He has no feeling below his nipples, so he cant move his legs. His fusion surgery went well and now he is in a rehab facility in Philadelphia and I can visit him almost everyday.

He has a very good attitude, all of the nurses love him and he wants to succeed as much as possible, and hopes that he can at least get the use of his hands. Before coming to rehab, in the icu, he didn't think it would be this bad. His expectations were that he would at least gain movement in his fingers. Now, about a week into rehab, he feels like it wont come back unless a miracle in him happens or if a cure for SCI is found.

I love him so much and sometimes he tells me he can't live like this. He was very hopeful and I am scared that he is running out of hope and that my cheerleading isnt working anymore.

How likely do you think it will be that he will be able to use his hands again? Either due to a cure or his own body?