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Thread: Keep my "niece/nephew to be" in your thoughts!

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    I know!

    To see him is like a ray of sunshine! He never seems affected @ all & I can fall apart over something little. He is our little miracle. It's awful this happened, yes, but by being a lil one he did bring some good media coverage, hopefully bringing awareness.

    We just hope all the meds,cathing & staying healthy will avoid dialysis & the need for a transplant for a lonnnnnng time.

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    Cute as a button! Poor lil guy. Kids are so resilient though!
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    Glad to hear he is doing better, and it is also good to hear from you also!

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    Aw Jay Jay is so sweet! I loved his little quiff on the video too!
    I'm so pleased he is doing so well and seems so good-natured about everything.

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    cute lil guy.

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