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Thread: Looking Forward To ....

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    Looking Forward To ....

    So, what's everyone looking forward to in 2011?

    The first thing I'm looking forward to, is warmer days ahead, summer nights with the BBQ, and cooking for friends.

    We're off to Cornwall in July, so that should be cool!

    Hopfully the economy will pick up this year, so those of us who depend on our investments performing will have a little extra disposable income.

    But ... still looking forward to those warm summer nights!


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    I can't wait to open the windows and patio door. Plant a few geraniums. Feel some sun on my skin.
    Maybe all of the mosquitos won't come back-I guess that's too much to ask!

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    Make sure you buy a big can of WhoopAss!


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    Eh ..... just eat lots of garlic they no likeee !!!

    I'm looking forward to my lilacs and walking out the door without 20lbs of extra clothing, boots, mitts etcetera etcetera ...... oh yeah and wining the lottery !!!

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    I'm looking forward to getting my bird feeders out and see all the finch return. I'm getting a bird house and bath fixed up this spring too.

    I'm also looking forward to working in my flower garden and ordering a few fancy replacement plants.

    Love the outdoors, sunshine, warm temps and of course BBQ steak off the grill!

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    I am waiting for May or June, that means for the first day with 20C and sunshine. Then I am going to go out for the first beer on a sidewalk cafe and celebrate the summer is here
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I'm looking forward to healing from my recent flap surgery and getting started on my new adventures of being a full time house wife after a 17 year career as well as volunteering at the rehab I attended 17 years ago. Very exciting for me!
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    The first Mayfly hatch of the season, under blue sky with puffy fair weather cloud encouraging lazy trout to drift up and take my fly off the rivers broken babbling surface.

    It still seems so far away.

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    Summer. Summer. More summer.

    Roadwork (wheeling). I'd like to really do my patio up as far as plants go this year. Maybe a small roadtrip (saving for Vegas for my 40th 2 years from now).
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    At this point my dreams are all about the snow melting, temperatures rising, and sitting at the beach watching the waves break with an ice cream to keep me cool.

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