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Thread: Cancer Drug Taxol May Promote Nerve Cell Growth after Spinal Cord Injury

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    Cancer Drug Taxol May Promote Nerve Cell Growth after Spinal Cord Injury

    January 28, 2011, 03:01 pm
    The cancer drug Taxol may promote the growth of nerve cells in the spine and reduce cell scarring after a spinal cord injury, according to a recent study published in the online journal Science Express.
    Researchers used low concentrations of Taxol to treat rats with spinal cord injuries. The rats' ability to move and walk was improved within six to eight weeks of treatment.
    After a spinal cord injury, nerve cells are unable to regenerate due to the formation of scar tissue and the blockage of protein tubes in the cell cytoskeleton. The study found that Taxol stimulated the growth of nerve cells by stabilizing the small protein tubes, or microtubules, and reducing the barrier created by scar tissue.
    "The drug essentially reorganizes the cells' microtubules allowing them to ignore 'stop signs' and to regrow through diminished scar tissue," said Dr. Andres Hurtado, study author and research scientist in the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Kennedy Krieger Institute. "It is a breakthrough for the cells and it puts us on a very promising path."
    Taxol and paclitaxel, the generic form of the drug, are clinically approved chemotherapy medications that treat breast, lung and ovarian cancers. Researchers said the dosage required to treat spinal cord injuries would be less than the dose used to treat cancer, which may decrease the number of side effects.
    Further tests will be conducted to examine Taxol's effectiveness in treating spinal cord injuries weeks or months after an injury has occurred.
    "We are still in the state of basic research and a variety of obstacles remain - and eventually, pre-clinical trials will need to be done," said Frank Bradke, study researcher from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Germany.
    According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, there are approximately 12,000 new spinal cord injury incidences a year.

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    Here we go again!
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    Hi jerkins
    Is that a good or bad thing ?

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    I'm not sure what he means GL, perhaps a reference to a thread that had already been put up earlier this morning??? Would you be able to merge the 2 threads?

    Maybe he meant something else...??? I don't know.

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    Hi Grammy Ty I know it is in the cure forum

    But for now I feel this stuff belonged in the Spinal Cord Injury News it is very interesting " News "

    Maybe i'll merge the 2 threads later

    Either way it is interesting to see that we need to look at all the perspectives
    and hope something can possibly help a sci individual , young injured kid etc ...

    Lol the here we go again remark is nothing new but almost sighnature so i'll toast to that .
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    More wait to be done for this too.

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    Could Taxol be used in repairing damage caused by MS lesions?
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    Hi Snuz good question

    Maybe Dr Wise Young could help answer that for us
    In the meantime I hope you have a nice day


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    Taxol stabilizes the micro-tubules so that their order is maintained and the injured nerve cells regain their ability to grow.isnt it? just read treatment for Cancer,an health expert site

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