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Thread: Hmmm maybe I should audition for American Idol.... Thoughts??

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    Great picture darty!
    I say give it a try Becky.

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    OMG darty, that must have been surreal!

    I think S. Tyler has been kind to Cody Unser and her crew over the years, too.

    Go for it, Becky! It's once in history that there has been an option like that, that approach and exposure I mean, for talent lie yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcsimpsons View Post
    I didnt put it on youtube. I posted a link here actually about 18 months ago. Im assuming its still accessible!

    I do remember you linked your singing a while ago, but I remember that for some reason, I couldn't get the clips to play.

    I'm not a fan of Aerosmith, but I think Steven Tyler was a great choice for a judge. He's funny.
    I had no idea what kind of a person Jennifer Lopez was before seeing her on A.I. but she seems good so far. For some reason I always thought she was arrogant, but I think I got that wrong now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keps View Post
    I do remember you linked your singing a while ago, but I remember that for some reason, I couldn't get the clips to play.

    Thats right, I remember some people having issues getting the link to play . I am giving a concert the first weekend of April and it will be recorded. I will attempt to get it to work properly . I think I also had linked it to my then myspace account. I'm not sure if that is still active though honestly.... I'll try with the April concert and see what happens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcsimpsons View Post
    DD- I asked because I was/am interested for the answer. Thanks for providing one. I do disagree with you however! Yes I do still live with my parents. Yes I know that many here and others live on their own and that's fantastic. I have chosen to stay with my parents so that I don't have to worry about finding a place, getting acquainted to living on my own, and finishing up undergrad and grad school. I graduate from undergrad next may and then two years of grad school and I'll be done with school and can get myself a job which will hopefully bring in more money so that I can get myself a place. My mother/family is by no means my comfort zone. They are a necessity at this point if I am going to be successful in completing school.

    As you can see, I have/have had a plan. Some plans take years to complete though! I guess everybody's idea of letting life pass you by is different.

    Again, thanks for answering my question.

    Gosh I see what you are saying now. I re-read some old threads that I responded to you in and I sound like a broken record. But I wasn't the only one saying the same thing so I don't feel so bad.

    I wish you the best Becky
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