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Thread: Abdomen Binder?

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    Question Abdomen Binder?

    Who wears an abdomen binder for quad belly? What are your pro's and cons?
    I have quite the quad belly right know. I wore one years ago but could never keep it down. Will it help with my belly now that its stretched out?

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    I quit using a binder for the same reason (kept riding up). They do seem to help keep blood pressure from dropping too low and, for me, made breathing properly easier to do.

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    I use mine to help low blood pressure and when I have a cold, I find it assists me in coughing. Doesn't do much for looks; like anything would in my case.

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    Been wearing one for years, feel uncomfortable without it. Helps breathing, posture and vanity. I don't have trouble with riding up. Wear it tight and make sure it has rigid stays (supports)..

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    I have worn a sacro lumbar support since rehab 28 years ago. I have been wearing it for assistance with breathing, coughing, and posture. I am a tall man with a long torso and the support also helps with balance. Essentially the "binders" have been the same style and fitted by an orthotist since I began wearing them. An orthotist can be helpful in assisting you with a support that has less of a tendency to ride up. I have steered clear of supports that are almost solely elastic and velcro because they just don't last very long. In addition, many insurance companies and medicare don't pay for the mostly elastic models. I also wear an undershirt between my skin and the support. This helps them stay cleaner and they don't tend to ride up on the undershirt material as much as they do on skin. I usually buy two at a time and they last about 3 years. You can view a range of supports at the website below. Many of these are very complex with lacing etc., but I have stayed with a simple one.
    See page 35 of this PDF, first item. I know it says it is for stocky to average torso, but the orothist orders a custom model of this type for me to fit my measurements.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the info people
    I take it no one weres it for quad belly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snider View Post
    Thanks for the info people
    I take it no one weres it for quad belly?
    In my case, it isn't a primary reason.

    All the best,

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    I use one and I also have a colostomy. Here's a post I did a while back about what I use. Link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snider View Post
    I take it no one weres it for quad belly?
    The only reason I wear mine! Won't leave the house w/o it..

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    I agree with GJNL said, spend the money on a lumbar support. Elastic binder stretchs out in a couple weeks and for me they would roll up on the sides of my hips and if it was to tight it would leave marks and lill pressure sore where the lumbar support doesn't.

    I found the support a huge help for balance(and yes quad gut). I'm a T3 and it was amazing how well it held me up, it's awesome at the gym when I'm leaning over grabbing weights a eaze. I can't wait to hop on my motorbike in the summer for balance. And the posture is amazing too.

    But it does ride up too, I'm going to try the t-shirt trick tomorrow.
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