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Thread: OK... Invol from Hell...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ergvepeog View Post
    McDuff.... Don always tells me "crip abuse!" LOL!
    keps.... We now use a waterproof mattress pad, and a washable pad on top of the bottom sheet and that seems to work pretty well...
    I have two mattress protectors, so when one's being washed, the other is on the bed. Knowing my luck, if I only had one, I'd crap or pee the bed while it was off the bed being washed.

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    I love you guys!

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    To those w/ the temp ostomies .....

    I had one done only a few days after my accident, due to other complications. Everyone, including my doctor, kept reassuring me that it would be reversible. About 6 months out, when I went back to the doctor for a follow up, I had decided to keep it. His response, "Oh, I am so glad. I was afraid I would have to convince you not to reverse it".

    Just from the few times I have had issues needing cleaning up with it (note to self, do NOT eat mexican food at 10pm and then go to bed .....) I can't imagine dealing with out it. Especially thankful a few months ago, when an intestinal bug ran through the family, emptying a bag every hour is feasible.

    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderswife View Post
    I'm looking forward to the peace of mind while on long motorcycle trips with my husband, camping, boating and everything else that would normally stress me out with out a bathroom close by. Good luck to you!
    Yup, we went camping last summer, and I didn;t even worry about whether the bathrooms were accessible! It turned out I could just get in them, but would never have been able to transfer onto the seat.

    The one thing I want to advise, bring lots of extra supplies, just in case. And some sturdy ziplock bags, and you will be all set!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keps View Post
    i have two mattress protectors, so when one's being washed, the other is on the bed. Knowing my luck, if i only had one, i'd crap or pee the bed while it was off the bed being washed.
    x2, they r a must. Ill rip an ext cath off occasionally at night moving around and not realize until my wife wakes up getting peed on, shes a good sport, we laugh about it. Never have pooped on her, well maybe her hand. She always handles the sci shit better than me, she looks at me and says everybody poops and pees. Not the end of the world. rep
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    you're a lucky man, treat her like the queen she is!

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