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Thread: "nerve pain" when Talking, eating, moving

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    "nerve pain" when Talking, eating, moving

    I had some severe pelvic pain that all of a sudden start to really hurt one afternoon really bad, so went to the ER and thought it was from a uti, no fever or chills just pain in my pelvic area. I would be treated many different times throughout a the next year for a uti, but would go back every evening with the same pain, because it got very painful throught out the day. As this pain started to hurt more frequently in the abdomen/pelvic area we ruled out uti's and diagnosed it as nerve pain. Mri's catscans, 600mglyrica, found nothing to help. Going to experiment with Prialt

    Starting in 08 nerve pain has started to really hurt every day around the pelvic area up to gut and around my waist area, (sharp electric shock & tightness feeling). It got worse thought out the day. Every day around 4pm my pelvic area would hurt to talk or eat and the only relief i got was reclining in my bed. The tightness/needles feeling increases when moving arms, and really hurts when swolling and talking or traveling on bumpy roads. I have stopped working out my upper body and have lose weight and muscle ton in uppebody. The pain is very terrible, in my pelvic & gut everyday now and it is there as soon as I wake. It olny flares up(10) when talking and eating, basically hurts to exert any movement, working out, driveing my van, to travel outside in my chair on rough terrain, and to travel bumpy roads, even to hold my joystick forward. I spend alot of time behide my pc where the pain lessens without movement.
    Not much of a life.

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    Wow--sorry you're experiencing such difficult pain. What types of medication doses your physician currently have you on for pain management?

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    clonazapan, lyrica, amitripline(sp?), oxybutin, cymobolta. I have a baclofen pump that has marcan in it also. Going to try an injection of prialt to see how i react to it.

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    My uuncle had the srgery done for spinl cord and the doctor accidently cut the wrong vane now hes on the bed for 5 years now

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