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Thread: MPS push/pull style hand controls style

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    MPS push/pull style hand controls style

    Hi I have not been able to drive with my old Monarch controls do to weakness developed on my left side. And the economy has not been helpful either. Anyone have a used set of push/pull controls that they are interested in selling?


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    Monarch is about the easiest control to operate. If your right side is stronger, they can easily be switched to the other side. Hand controls of any kind have crazy high prices!

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    Thank you, unfortunately I use a prosthetic arm to operate the controls. In my younger days that push down to the floor wasn't to bad but now I just don't have that downward strength.

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    Maybe the portable type would work for you. I wouldn't recommend them but many kinds can be found on ebay. A good machinest should be able to make you something. Good luck!

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    I don't understand. If you have trouble pushing with you're arm how is a push/pull any easier than the push to brake, rotate for gas?
    Aren't you still doing the hardest part (braking) the same way?
    One of the hand controls I have is so easy to use the gas I can just lay my hand on it.
    I've built myself a few hand controls. So maybe I could give you some ideas.

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    Push/Pull is all in the shoulder. push/lean forward for brake pull back for gas. I've made my own in the past used on a 74 Mk 4. Also had a set I made for my tractor. 1/2 push forward puts in the clutch full push brake. I've built my own in the past but no longer have the shop or tools.


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    This is what I have on my jeep. Bike brake from Kmart. I use to have it attached to the gas pedal arm. Have since changed it to direct to the carb.
    If you think it might work. I can put up more pics.

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    Cool, but would not work with my prosthetic arm.


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