Missouri Rehabilitation Center selects the AUTROS Point of Care System and gets chosen to participate in the ASHP Foundation's Fail-Safe Medication Management System Design Study
MT. VERNON, MO, Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ - Missouri Rehabilitation Center (MRC), a 136-bed facility and leader of rehabilitation and specialized acute care throughout the Midwest, announced today its plans to implement the AUTROS Point of Care Patient Management System. MRC is a leading hospital with the largest traumatic brain injury program in Missouri and one of the largest and most successful ventilator weaning programs in the state. The hospital will be using the AUTROS System for integrated medication management, computerized provider order entry, barcode scanning at the bedside, electronic charting, pharmacy and workflow/event management. Additionally, MRC has also purchased AUTROS' suite of mobile and stationary medication and supply depots. The use of AUTROS' real-time wireless solution provides caregivers with the right decision support at the point of care using AUTROS' handheld scanners and mobile medication depots, providing enhanced safety at the bedside.

MRC is one of the first sites in North America to participate in the American Society of Health System Pharmacists' Foundation (ASHP) study. The objectives of the research demonstration project are to develop, implement and test (1) the effectiveness of ideal design principles for a multidisciplinary coordinated, technology driven medication-use system, (2) the effectiveness of essential performance standards for health professionals involved in the medication-use system, and (3) the effectiveness of the system on patient safety.

The Institute of Medicine report To Err Is Human has led to increased recognition of the problem of patient safety in the U.S. health system, citing that up to 7000 deaths are caused each year by medication errors. Using the AUTROS patient management solution provides pharmacists, nurses and physicians with the clinical information they need in order to ensure the six rights of patient safety - the right patient, the right medication, the right dose, the right time, the right route and ultimately the right outcome.

``In keeping with our mission to be a leading medical facility in the Midwest, we felt it necessary to select a medication management vendor that could deliver a complete and integrated solution for connecting our caregivers at the bedside. The AUTROS System provides us with the closed loop approach we require in order to ensure that we know the patient is getting exactly what is being ordered and the exact time they're actually getting it '', said Dennis Stambaugh, CEO, Missouri Rehabilitation Center.

``We are very pleased with MRC's decision to purchase the complete AUTROS suite. We are even more excited about their commitment to participate in the ASHP Foundation's study for a fail-safe medication management system design using the AUTROS System. We look forward to a successful implementation of the AUTROS System and to gaining useful research for the ASHP study which will ultimately create new standards in healthcare for delivering patient safety and improving patient outcomes,'' said Eric Paul, President, AUTROS Healthcare Solutions.

About Missouri Rehabilitation Center

A hospital within the University of Missouri Health Care system, MRC is a 136-bed facility housing the largest traumatic brain injury program in Missouri as well as one of the largest and most successful ventilator weaning programs in the state. Comprehensive services include both inpatient and outpatient programs and specialized acute care for traumatic brain injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries and orthopedic injuries as well as tuberculosis and other pulmonary conditions.


About AUTROS Healthcare Solutions

AUTROS Healthcare Solutions is an international leader in Internet- enabled point of care healthcare solutions including medication management, pharmacy information systems, computerized physician order entry, plus barcode scanning at the bedside and electronic charting for nurses. All AUTROS applications are wireless and real-time, linking the caregiver to the patient at the point of care. Customer information is available from AUTROS at 1-800- 537-2255 and at www.AUTROS.com.
SOURCE: Autros Healthcare Solutions