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Thread: Full & bloated after eating small amounts

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    Full & bloated after eating small amounts

    My stomach gets bigger while i'm eating and i feel bloated or pressure after I have eaten. I have developed quite the quad belly over the years
    I Any ideas

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    Are you drinking with a straw? This can cause you to swallow a lot of air, causing stomach bloating. It is also common to have slower stomach emptying after a higher SCI, so having more frequent but smaller meals may help. Some people need to take Reglan to help with this, but it is not a good idea generally to be on this drug long-term.

    A quad belly is most often caused by the weight of the abdominal organs stretching out a paralyzed abdominal wall. Prevention, by use of an abdominal binder whenever out of bed, is one the the best ways to manage this. It is rarely due to obesity.


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    No straw, just a water bottle

    Thanks for the info, I look like et, skinny upper half and a big pot belly. Will my stomach just keep getting bigger, you would think it would stop at some point

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    See the belly, respect the belly... Love the belly!

    I have been reducing my food intake gradually since my June 09 injury... I have started trying to remove all gluten and sugar from my diet, but my belly just does not want to go away.
    I also look like ET, and it is very very frustrating.
    I have swallowed my pride and bought a couple of binders from amazon (squeem rubber and rubber/cotton, first is fab, second not tight enough), and it helps a lot.
    At least I can wear a tshirt and look decent.
    If I could lose the belly, I would.
    Am even looking at lipo. Extreem. Yes. But ego boosting!

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    how about drinking beer? does it makes the stomach bigger..

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    You may have a condition called 'achalasia'. It's when the lower oesophageal sphincter is tight and food/drink gets held up and doesn't pass into the stomach as it should.
    I have the problem, also my oesophageal peristalsis is slow. It all makes eating/drinking a complex business.

    I also have the big belly problem, tried the binder thing but found it very uncomfortable.

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