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Thread: Daring Procedure Allows Bolivian Girl To Walk

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    Daring Procedure Allows Bolivian Girl To Walk

    MIAMI (CBS4) – Born with a condition which led to a paralysis that doctors deemed untreatable, a Bolivian girl was able to walk away from her wheelchair for the first time in 4 years.

    Maria Chomos, 14, has lived with paralysis for the past four years from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her spinal cord. An AVM is an abnormal tangle of dilated blood vessels in or around the spinal cord which is formed as the embryo develops in the womb. The tangling of veins and arteries is a disruption to normal blood flow which can result in an enlarged and compressed spinal cord. The effects can cause numbness and eventually paralysis, brain hemorrhage, and in 5-10 percent of cases, death.

    In some cases, treatment in the form of surgery is possible, but because of the depth of her AVM, a visit to doctors in Bolivia left no hope for Maria. Instead, interventional neuroradiologist, Italo Linfante, M.D. of Baptist Hospital in Miami, proposed to help Maria with a high-risk embolization procedure.

    Dr. Linfante was able to enter her spinal cord with a hair-like catheter, through the arteries which supplied the malformation with blood. By injecting a glue-like substance inside the core of the AVM, he reduced blood flow to the formation, which relieved the crippling pressure on Maria’s spinal cord. source

    Nice to win one every once in awhile!

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    good luck maria. may you quickly wear out the bottoms of your shoes!

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