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Thread: Quite proud of myself, thank you very much! :)

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    Thanks all!

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    You should be proud of yourself.
    I have always loved your avatar. That running dog is having sheer dog joy.

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    Coming in late - very well done!

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    C5/C6 Complete since 08/22/09

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    In my opinion you did what i would do and i think if we all stood like that people would realise more that when the sun shines up, it does for everyone. It´s a matter of equal rights anyway.
    Keep on and thanks.

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    Woot woot !! Good on you Shannon !

    Bill has been a town councillor for quite a few years now and has to attend committe meetings on a regular basis. Most of the time the poeple on the comittee want to take turns having the meeting in their home - but Bill has (nearly) everyone conditioned finally to think first if its accessible for not just him but for everyone and they usually end up using the town office. It takes time - sort of a paradigm shift - but it can happen ! People just need to be reminded - some of us got problems

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    Goes directly to the sort of things Amy(zilla) was saying in her post about isolation. sci sucks donkey dick.

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    With all the planning and logistics involved in our lifes it's a wonder that there isn't more people in chairs in that feel. I would be but I don't have the spatial sense that one needs when planning.

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    That is great ...... I am glad they are changing it. And as sad as it is Keps, I bet most of the people never thought about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    That is great ...... I am glad they are changing it. And as sad as it is Keps, I bet most of the people never thought about it.
    I know you're right, it just frustrates me!
    Although, if I'm brutally honest, if I'd been in the (ab) neighbours' position, maybe I'd have been thoughtless too.

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