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    do you think this would help at all?
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    I am a C6/7 complete quad post injury 28 years. I used a medically prescribed TENS unit under the direction of a pain specialist in 1984-85. Insurance purchased the unit for me. After using the unit for 6 months, I had no discernible or measurable relief from neuropathic pain.

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    My friend uses this..but when her back goes out. She does not use it for neuropathic pain.
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    I had my own tens unit prescribed by a rehab hospital and paid for by insurance. To be truthful, it didn't help at all. I stuck with it for the longest time, but eventually realized that it was just one more source of uncomfortable stimulus, did nothing for my shoulder pain, and was a total waste of effort even trying to get someone to help me attach the little pads.

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    Hey, I found that this has helped me, I use it about once every three days on my abs, I use it on the ems setting to try and get my abs toned. I find it helps with the nerve pain longer term, I didnt feel the results right away, but after a few days my nerve pain is significantly reduced. Once I found a routine I could keep the nerve pain at bay.

    Also if I do have a nerve pain flair up I find drinking a cold glass of water helps, also a topical oil by the name of neuragen, a couple drops on the area and within 5-10 minutes I get 3-4 hours relief. But I haven't had to use it in sometime, which is great because it smells like hippies.

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    I have a TENS unit from a car accident years ago and still use it for back / shoulder pain to help with muscle spasms and pain. Doesn't do a thing for nerve pain elsewhere though.

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