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Thread: coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jr. View Post
    I would like to thank everyone for your comments. Information can help us all to improve the quality of our lives. I am a T-10 complete. I mentioned earlier that after drinking coffee it seems to aggravate my bladder area with a burning sensation along with bladder spasms.
    Although i am a T-10 complete, how is it i can feel the pain coming from the bladder region? I thought i wasn't able to interpret pain or sensation from that area?
    i'm a t-11 and i can tell when i have to pee and poop. the only meds i take are vesicare for an overactive bladder. i think the complete/incomplete diagnosis isn't all that important unless your doctor is specialized in SCI only, my nuero said i was incomplete and the rehab doc said complete, the rehab doc doesn't know much about SCI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyis View Post
    Ah! hey thanks for this; To my spouse, "Could make a cup of expresso please."

    We have an inexpensive coffee/expresso maker and it works great but I have not taken advantage of the espresso function often. Trying to cut back on my beloved coffee.
    An espresso on the Lanai. Nice.

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    I like you, have a difficult time with coffee (even decaf) and for the same reasons. I've finally concluded it's because coffee is such a highly acid producing beverage. I can do hot tea of any type and don't have these issues. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

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