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Thread: ZRA S2 Arrived

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    Look'n Good Petertan!


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    Quote Originally Posted by patd View Post

    Look'n Good Petertan!

    I thought you'd notice the UniTines!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    I thought you'd notice the UniTines!
    Holy crap! Pat invented those too!??

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    Looks like I picked a popular chair. I have had my ZRA2 for about 3 weeks now and will post pics this weekend if I get around to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    I was wondering how petertan was doing since he hasn't posted here for awhile. I came across the following pic from his blog. To me, it exemplifies what this forum is all about...

    Lookin' good petertan!

    Hi SCI_OTR, It is good to know that I have been in your thoughts. I have been around lurking but not posting. The chair with its original configurations ( is good but could be a little better with some tweaking which I have not got down to yet.

    Things I would like to change: Increase seat dump from 3.5" to 4". Adjust angle from 95 degrees to 92 degrees. Lower seat back height from 16" to 15". I would also like to try out a rigid seat pan. The current seat straps slacks all the time and have to be retightened frequently.

    As you have already noticed that I swapped the stock forks and caster with Froglegs Unitines and softrolls. The softrolls give a more gentle ride over slight bumps. The stock forks were 6.5" barrel to floor but the Unitines are 6" only. Good thing is that my footrest had 3.5" clearance in its original configuration. Minor the difference of 0.5" may be but this is something that should be considered when switching to Unitines.

    There are also threads/strings coming off the sidewall part of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres that are in contact with the rim. There are also cracks where the sidewall joins the top part of the tyre. I hope these don't cause the tyres to fail prematurely.

    Generally, I am quite happy with how the ZRA turned out, especially with the recommendations from you and other members of the forum without which I would not have the confidence to buy the chair.
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    The current seat straps slacks all the time and have to be retightened frequently.
    On my chair I had to continually tighten them as well but after a few months they seemed to settle in.
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    nice chair peter

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    Brian - I guess my straps have not gone past the settling-in process yet. The back straps are easier but the seat straps need a bit more work.

    Kenny - Thanks.
    C5-C6 ASIA C - October 15, 1984
    Tilite ZRA Series 2
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    Another petertan Update

    What a difference a year makes (even in the exact same chair)

    Attachment 44513

    Attachment 44512

    Your posture looks like how I try to sit the first 1-2 days I'm at a conference where I know other seating specialists are analyzing my equipment and posture! (After the second day it's all down hill!)

    Seriously, though, the fact that those pics were taken from nearly identical vantage points shows a couple of things about the difference that minor adjustments can have that may be instructive to others.

    It looks like you haven't changed anything other than the back height and back angle. If I'm correct, you have increased the back angle slightly and decreased the back height about an inch or so. While many seating therapists would freak out at the concept of doing either of those adjustments, look at how it improves the alignment of your head over your body and improves the alignment of your upper thoracic spine...

    Attachment 44514

    The added confidence you seem to exude and the notable absence of armrests certainly don't hurt.

    Just a thought about what you would do differently for your next chair in your blog entry. You indicated that next time you would go with an 80 degree frame instead of 85. Actually, foot positioning and the knee flexion is a reason most of the ZR/ZRA's that I post here are 85 degrees with a 1" longer frame. Even though the footrest is at roughly the same location, taking the "85 deg.+1 route" to get it there may be preferable because you can still position your feet on the front of the footrest for less knee flexion, yet you still have the option of positioning them further back in tight quarters. Transfers and under seat access will also be better.

    The only disadvantage is TiLite's upcharge for that extra inch of tubing (or charging more to use an inch less of upholstery, depending on how one looks at it). Hopefully, they will eventually relent and make the 1" longer frame a no charge option (like their competitors already do).

    Good to "see" you.
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    SCI_OTR, you are a therapist every wheelchair user should have. Your work for your client is never done because you will check on their progress every now and then to make sure everything is all right long after they have taken delivery of the chair. That is how you have made me feel from the time when I was asking for help on the ZRA measurements till now.

    I had wanted to post up a summary of that post in a new thread here but since you brought this up here, lets continue with the conversation which, I agree with you, could be useful to others.

    I failed to mention one crucial point in that blog post which I should have (have to edit the blog post now). I was sitting on a Stimulite Sport in the first photo but have since swapped it with Stimulite Classic XS. With me seated higher, it appears that the back height is reduced. That 3/4" more from the Classic XS made a lot of difference to my posture, for the better, if I may add. An astute observation from you nonetheless.

    The folding mechanism is the revised version from Tilite. It was installed as is without an adjustment to the back angle. Comparing both photos, it does appear that I am leaning more in the newer photo, and look comfortable in that position, too.

    Taking into consideration your advice for +1.85deg for more optimal foot positioning rather than an 80 deg frame, should I add another inch to the depth if I want to install a rigid back? On the same note, should I just spec 19" seat depth (current seat depth is 17") and shorten the seat upholstery by 1" by myself later?

    Thank you again, SCI_OTR, for your valuable insight and concern. Much appreciated.
    C5-C6 ASIA C - October 15, 1984
    Tilite ZRA Series 2
    Living One Day At A Time

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