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Thread: ZRA S2 Arrived

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    ZRA S2 Arrived

    Just thought I should share with CC members who have done a great job in helping me to spec the chair, especially SCI_OTR with the valuable comments. I took delivery of it this morning.

    The chair is not fully assembled yet. Need my wife to help me with the more intricate installations. First impression is good except for the backrest which I suspect is 90 degrees instead of 95 degrees as spec-ed.

    As I was looking at the chair, I got a little melancholic thinking of Andy Barker of Bike-On who got the process of ordering going but could not see it to completion.

    Anyway, will post photos when it is fully assembled. The attached photo is of my cat Cheeky checking out the yet unopened box.
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    It's fairly easy to adjust the back angle, so that shouldn't be a problem - just a pain. Cheeky will probably love the box after the chair is out

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    That is awesome, can't wait to see photos of it assembled!

    When did you order it? (curious as I am awaiting mine as well!)

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    Great! Can't WAIT to see it !

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    Can't wait for mine. UPS Scheduled Delivery Date: 02/01/2011

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    Save it to April Peter, and I'll help you unbox it

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    Apologies for the silence. Have been doing minor assembling and adjustments that I can manage while waiting for the wife to do the major stuff. She has been very busy with work.

    Chas - Yeah! But I can't use it until this weekend.

    Don - I sure hope adjusting the backrest angle is a simple task. Have read the manual and watched the video, and it looked simple enough. Cheeky already staked his claim to the box by scratching it. He just love corrugated boxes.

    NorthQuad - It will be really awesome when it is all assembled. Right now, I can only see but can't ride. It is a torture.

    Jackson233 - I signed off the CAD middle of December. When did you order yours?

    Lyne - I am as impatient as you too! Arrrgh.

    Dynahmite - It will be even more exciting when I can take it for a spin.

    Lenny - 1 more week to go. And then we can race!

    sarcastrix - April??? I will die of anxiety by then.

    This wait to get the chair fully assembled and adjusted is like a foreplay that is going on forever. I am getting more and more anxious by the day. In fact, it feels like the time when I was a kid waiting to go to the shop with my father for a new racing bicycle. I will try to take some photos and put them up tomorrow. Way over my bedtime now. Good nite folks.
    C5-C6 ASIA C - October 15, 1984
    Tilite ZRA Series 2
    Living One Day At A Time

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