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Thread: Thinking about moving to San Fran but I'm curious...

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    Thinking about moving to San Fran but I'm curious...

    I've been up to san fran several times and I love it. The people and the unique environment feels more right for me rather than san jose. The thing I'm worried about is the housing. I don't think I've seen any handicap accessible apartments. My roommate also wants to move up there as well so I would be living with him as well.

    Anyone happen live in san fran and can recommend a spot to live or can you even describe how you get around that place? Do you use public transportation? Does all the transportation like buses at bus stops have to be wheelchair accessible or no? I'm for sure I wouldn't be able to use the trolly either.

    The hills are insane and every time I've went up there I've had friends pushing me up and lowering me down backwards on the hills. They are so steep I can't even roll down them. Although this all sounds horrible it still I think will be worth it or even just for the experience of living in the city.
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    There is some accessible housing down at the wharf area, which is also about the only part of SF without the insane hills, but it is expensive! Look on for buildings that have access. They won't actually specify that, but you can usually get a view of the front of the building.

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    Shit's expensive in SF. One option is living in East Bay - Oakland, Berkeley, etc. It's pretty flat over there and a lot cheaper. The only problem is BART stops running at midnight or so. If you're out partying later than that and you didn't drive you'll need to take a cab home, which is pretty expensive.

    When I go there (3 times a year, almost) I barely use public transportation. Mainly because I can get from the Mission across town to the embarcadero or Pier 45 in just about an hour just by pushing. I love that SF proper is so small. I have taken MUNI and BART and other buses on occasion and have had no problems at all.

    Good luck in your search. SF is awesome.

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    Might want to ask CC members T8burst and grommet -- they're both living in S.F.

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    If you plan to live there, you will find that people in San Francisco HATE it when people who don't live there call it "San Fran" (or even worse, "Frisco")!! "The City" or SF are acceptable.

    Right in the city it is expensive and not very accessible (lots of older buildings). You would do better in a suburb that is BART accessible such as the East Bay, Contra Costa County, or even parts of Marin County (such as San Rafael).

    Here are some resources for tourists that would also answer a lot of your questions about transporation, etc. in the city:


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    The area called "Sunset District" is also somewhat less hilly, and when I was out there, rentals were cheaper the closer you got to the beach.

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    Love the city. I work and live in the financial district, it is the best area in the city for someone in a wheelchair in my opinion. Relatively flat, there is a Safeway right where I live, tons of good restaurants. Weekends there is a farmers market by the ferry building. BART and MUNI stops at montgomery and embarcadero, you can either wheel or take MUNI to the Giants games. In the last couple years they have done a lot of work on the curb cutouts and getting around is doable until things start going uphill. Getting to the south bay is problematic on public transportation but when I worked at Yahoo I just went in to work at 1030 or 11 and left at 7 or 8, just shoot down 280 and during those times traffic is minimal.

    Never tried buses or the trolley, but BART and MUNI trains are accessible, if you can handle the piss smelling elevators which you have to use to get to them and the homeless like to use as toilets.

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    We live in the East Bay and spend a good deal of time in the city. Muni and Bart are indeed accessible unless the elevators are out of service. Checking elevator status along the lines has become second nature to us before we set out, and "t8burst" is right, they are usually malodorous and dirty. The cable cars are not accessible, but the trolleys that run along the Embarcadero and up Market Street are accessible by platforms. The only problem with the trolley is that the raised platforms are located after the stop for able bodied passengers, which means if the trolley is full, you don't get on, the drivers won't stop. This can be a problem during rush hours and if it is raining. The bus system is pretty good and we have found the drivers generally stop for wheelchair passengers. There are wheelchair accessible taxi vans in San Francisco.

    Accessible housing is difficult and all housing is expensive. In addition to checking rental apartment buildings, you might want to check out newer condominium buildings. Owners of units who have not been able to sell them in this real estate downturn may be looking for renters. You may find housing buildings "accessible" because they have elevators, but you will rarely find a fully accessible unit in terms of wider hallways and doors, bathroom, and kitchen facilities. What looks accessible from the outside often is not, because you enter a common corridor off the street, but you are then faced with steps to all the apartments. We have several able bodied friends who rent and own in the city and we can't visit them in their homes due to that type of set up.

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    even parts of Marin County (such as San Rafael).
    Note: to get between SF and Marin Co you need a car or take two buses and a ferry. I tried taking public transit there last time I was out and do not recommend it as a commute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    Note: to get between SF and Marin Co you need a car or take two buses and a ferry. I tried taking public transit there last time I was out and do not recommend it as a commute.
    Yes, you would do better to go to the East Bay (Oakland or Berkeley or possibly further out) than to Marin County and try to commute for work or pleasure. However, it isn't as easy as you would think to find accessible housing in the East Bay areas. See this thread, started by Cece a couple weeks ago.

    All the best,

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