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    She has been moved from Arizona to Houston
    She is in the ICU because of excess pressure in her head
    so from what i've just seen on the tele they inserted a drain

    I hope she feels better

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    The drain, which is commonly used to get rid of excessive CSF and monitor intracranial pressures after an injury like this, was inserted in Tucson, not in Houston. She is in the ICU until the drain is removed, which would normally be the requirement prior to being transferred to an acute TBI rehab program such as the one at TIRR.


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    Hi SCI-Nurse
    The other night on the news here they made it sound like they inserted one in Houston again .

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    I live in Texas and heard that too. I went to TIRR for rehab back in 1984. I still go back once a year for follow up exams.

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    Thank you sreneet keep in touch
    please let me know if you hear more about mrs Giffords because I dont have more than 3 tele channels ok ?
    Sincerely your fellow TX friend

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