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Thread: Bladder and Bowel recovery - can use feedback about new strategies and therapies

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    Bladder and Bowel recovery - can use feedback about new strategies and therapies

    C5/C6 incomplete. 4 1/2 years out from injury.
    1. Have recently weaned off digital stim (what a relief!) and now poop in daily bowel program with help of 1/3 magic bullet. Later in day when he feels the need, he poops on his own in commode chair. Would like to know how to speed up this process of recovery for bowel.
    2. Does intermittent cath a few times a day. Pees on his own voluntarily a few times a day but does not fully empty bladder. And ideas, technologies to help to get more bladder recovery? Thanks!!!!

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    I use the following technique that I believe is a typical technique for a bowel program using a Magic Bullet (1/3 of one seems like a very tiny amount to use to produce results). My wife assists me in the bowel program.
    1. In bed, on a disposable underpad (Chucks), remove as much of the stool as possible.
    2. Insert Magic Bullet high in the rectum and against the rectum wall. Wait about 5-15 minutes.
    3. Transfer to commode chair.
    4. Stool should begin to evacuate soon.
    5. Digitally stimulate to help bring more stool into the rectum.
    6. Wait for more stool to evacuate.
    7. Digitally stimulate one more time to make sure no stool or mucus remains.
    8. Clean up and transfer back to bed.
    This process usually take about 30-40 minutes.
    I do a bowel program every other evening. I would think that you run great risk of accidents if you insert the Magic Bullet, dress and go about the day until you "feel the need" to transfer to a commode chair.

    There is an alternative to Magic Bullet called Enemeez and Enemeez Plus. Many people use this because they find the Magic Bullets too caustic. I presume you were having difficulties withusing the whole Magic Bullet. In that case the typical recommendation is to use half of a Magic Bullet, but one third of one seems like hardly enough to produce the stimulus to cause peristalsis that moves the fecal material through the intestinal tract. Here is the website:

    Not emptying your bladder completely is a problem and a breeding ground for infection. Try to get on a regular schedule of clean intermittent catherization (CIC) every 4-6 hours round the clock. Have you had any bladder testing in the past 4 years. If not it is probably time for a urodynamics study, cystoscopy, renal ultrasound study, and possibly even an IVP, intravenous pyelogram, a special x-ray examination of the kidneys, bladder, and ureters.

    All the best,
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    thanks for detailed input

    Hi GJ
    Actually he has been using digi stim for 4 years but because he has gained more control he no longer needs digi stim. Has very thorough bowel program in the morning and then in the evening he gets an urge and is able to poop without help - except of course help getting him to commode chair. As for I/C, we are following your protocol mostly. But since he has been getting some bladder control back he is peeing on his own when he gets the urge and then does I/C. He used to have I/C 12 to 14 times a day. Now he's down to just 7 or 8. Sure saves a lot of catheters. He rarely gets UTI. Mostly thanks to super hygiene and Manno Max.

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    one other thing

    His doctor is Dr. Ginsberg (SCI urologist) at USC and is up to date with all the tests associated with bladder issues.

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    If he is without bowel accidents, it is fine to continue with magic bullet and go on commode chair in the evening as well. Everyones got to find their own system. If yours is working then that's great. Accidents, abdominal distention and constipation are clues that the program is not working.

    Re: bladder, your system is fine if he is urinating on his own and then you cath at least every 6 hours to get the residual to drain and it sounds like you are getting regular bladder testing.
    My only comment to above is that rarely is IVP used for regular bladder screening, unless there are other issues.


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    Does Functional Magnetic Stimulation work?

    Thank you for your input. Was wondering if you are familiar with this modality for bladder/bowel recovery. Functional Magnetic Stimulation. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veganman View Post
    Thank you for your input. Was wondering if you are familiar with this modality for bladder/bowel recovery. Functional Magnetic Stimulation. Thanks!
    If you search this site for Functional Magnetic Stimulation, you will find a few posts and threads by Care Cure Community members.

    All the best,

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