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Thread: Quickie P222 SE Dump or rebuild P200

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    Quote Originally Posted by engineermom2 View Post
    The Seat to floor height was a real deal breaker and at his suggestion, we went for an aftermarket seating system that got the STF to about 18 1/2" for me personally. Becuase I opted for aftermarket and tilt, the anle is adjustable but the key is I got this with a way lower STF due to the updated technolgy in the aftermarket AMY seating system.
    Did you get this chair yet? I'm curious what is the actual STFH with the AMY? You state 18.5", but I'm wondering how that is better than the standard Quckie seat. They report a STF of 18" w/ no dump. I'm trying to get a rear STFH of less than 16". In just about every other way, the P-222 SE seems to fit my needs.
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    The reason why the AMY seat is better than the standard Quickie seat has to do with updated technology: If ordered with tilt, the original Quickie Tilt seat adds 1 1/2" to the STF WITHOUT DUMP! With the newer Amy technology, the STF is 18.5 with tilt. It may not seem like much but the difference is HUGE with transfers and also with sight lines (drivers position) in van. Hope that helps!!


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