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Thread: Video of the Walt Disney Marathon

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    Video of the Walt Disney Marathon

    Hi everyone,

    I did the Full Marathon at Disney on January 9 and it was pretty cool. It definately was much harder than I was expecting, but then again it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy right? There were alot more hills to go over than what I had anticipated.

    Here's a link to my Facebook page to see a video I put together if you're interested in watching. You don't have to have an account to view it.
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    good stuff. ill be training different for sure next year. all 20+ rides except for hill work days. you did great. now you have your time to beat next year. rep
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    Just saw this and loved the video! I was there too, great job man.

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    that is totally awesome. I am a HUGE disney fan and would love to be able to do this in the future. I have wanted a handcycle for a long time, and now have a goal for when I get a HC. I play wheelchair tennis and want to cross train, but I have found in the times I have gotten to cycle that it is very relaxing and a wonderful workout.
    Good luck in your future races, and hopefully next year you can do Disney in under 3:15!
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    Man, that really makes me want to do one!

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    LOved it! I did my first marathon at year 14 and again at year 16.
    Your son riding on the back is a neat photo. Thanks for sharing.

    Ride on!
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    good job! I want to joining too

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