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Thread: QUADS! What Type of Free Weights are You Using?

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    Sry guys. I didn't get the time to use try out the shake weight today. The weather was to NICE!! 74 here today!! Can't wait till summer hits! I'll do my best in getting it done tomorrow!

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    264 here is the low down on the shake weight. No the shake weight will not work for us quads UNLESS you get some type of glove to wrap your fingers around it. I can grip a little with my left hand but not at all with my right. Shake weight didn't work for me even with the little left hand grip. Would work great for a Para though! The shake weight is 19.95 and 2.5 lbs. Sry to bust the bubble but it's something that I wouldn't buy!

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    Go to target! They have these weights that have a hole you slip your thumb in and then wrapp around with your teeth

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    active Hands here again. I bought the Haulin Hooks recommended here to see what they are like. They are well made and really strong butas they are not designed for use for someone with porr hand function they were not quite right for the job. If you are lifting massive weights they will be brilliant but you could not lift a smaller dumbell over your head for example or use them to do verticle arm lifts or any other lift where you need the stability of the weight in your hand for safety. I am not knocking the haulin hook sat all and I understand that it may seem like I am very biased as we are selling the active hands grips but I am a quad wanting to get the most out of weight training and I will always use Active Hands grips as they are the best for people with reduced hand function. I would love somone independent who has used them to review on here as we are always looking for feedback and ways to inprove but we stand by our products and I don't think there is anything as good on the market.
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