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Thread: Pain in my shoulder that is kicking my ass!

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    I have had some very targeted shoulder type pain in the past similar to what you describe. Although, mine only occured for one second when I did a very simple level transfer (not all level transfers just this one that had a little twist in it). For that one second the pain is horrible and then fades to a dull ache for the remaining 24/7. It comes to visit every couple of years and stays a month or so then then leaves after applying heat to the shoulder for several weeks.

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    Be careful about biceps tendon issues. I had the same thing happen to me 10 years ago. Eventually the biceps tendon ruptured and I ended up needing surgery...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cycleboy99 View Post
    Be careful about biceps tendon issues. I had the same thing happen to me 10 years ago. Eventually the biceps tendon ruptured and I ended up needing surgery...
    me too, mine detached at the elbow
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by strider View Post
    At the Kirsch Institute for Shoulder Research we have established a simple exercise program that has solved the subacromial impingement problem in more than 95% of those using the program. There is a booklet devoted to teaching the program titled "Shoulder Pain? The Solution and Prevention." The book is in it's second edition and may be ordered at Bookstand Publishing, and soon at As an extension of the book, the Institute is conducting a multicenter study of the exercises and you may receive the study protocols free, simply by writing to and asking us to send the protocols. Any questions you have when you make the request will be aswered.
    i am not sure what my condition is called since i have not gone to an ortho, i know it is not a rotator cuff. my shoulders are still popping out doing very minimal stuff like sweeping or vacuuming, or swimming. last summer i took a swim at a camp that i have gone to for year my friend, luckily a long time lifeguard, helped hold my head up on the way back in from the floating dock, both shoulders popped out doing the breast stroke, i was going very gently too. i 'd rather try more exercises on my own than see an ortho, i cant get a mri ,only cat scan due to scs implant. pt would be the first option anyhow. my friend and other friend i was with both said it was the stuff holding the shoulders together tendons and such.
    i was a long distance outrigger canoe and kayak racer plus raced xc ski in winter, i think i wore everything out.
    cauda equina

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    I have major tears on probably every muscle in the shoulder. Just injured it again doing simple overhaed stretches with a band. Can't even do a transfer right now.

    I see my ortho tomorrow but he has said before and on the phone that it is too late for surgery and the rehab and lasting results would be minimal at best. I'm kind of freaked out and depressed just thinking about changes that are in store. Hope i can handle it.

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    try to get yourself ready for the change, move things around so they are not at shoulder ht. a good OT would help you or even find it in a iPod app.
    place hooks lower. Build or have mechanical helpers around. i cant like, i can but shouldnt. but i wont go near the big caries or moves. i habw a couple of collapisibe handtrucks and i have found some collapsible carts. i had to work on my bead and i used an old table leg as a fulcrum, with a couple piles of books,, and was able lift the bed enough. i can walk though si that is big differnce.
    next winter i am going np place without my "stabilizers" iwish you luck it sucks
    cauda equina

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