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Thread: Pain in my shoulder that is kicking my ass!

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    Pain in my shoulder that is kicking my ass!

    I have a pain, sometimes sharp like a cramp and sometimes a throbbing ache, in my left shoulder. It is not in the joint/rotator, but between my anterior and medial deltoid muscles, in the front.
    What is frustrating is that I am very physically active with weight lifting and hand cycling. I am very careful with warm ups and have experienced no injuries from these activities. My shoulder pain arose after wheeling around the mall for an hour xmas shopping on December 15th!
    I can"t shake it off. Strangely, the hand cycling and rowing(push/pulling) motions does not agitate the pain. It hurts the worst at night in bed and is most painful when I am lying on my back and up on my elbows perparing to turn over.
    Sorry for the whining narrative but does anyone have any similar experience or suggestions to make it go away?

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    Sounds like the same intermittent pain I have - right where the biceps goes under the anterior delt?

    I lift weights & handcycle, too.

    I've found massage and heat help.

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    May try a combo of heat and ice therapy to reduce swelling and promote healing. First, apply ice to the area using a pack of ice or an ice message for 10 minutes, followed by heat, applied for 20 minutes. Of course, only your aware of the temperature sensations you have and need to adjust the therapy accordingly to avoid any injury. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!!

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    Last weekend my daughter also had shoulder pain.....both shoulders and quite sharp in her right shoulder. I gave her some Advil, had her do a long stretch in full recline in her for ten minutes. Helped a little. Then yesterday at therapy, one of the therapists found the offending knot in her muscle and have her about a ten minute massage...more of an accupressure type. The pain wasn't totally gone, but it hurt much less after the massage. Ice/heat are also a go-to as Patty41 mentioned. Take it easy on that shoulder for a few days too so it can mend.

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    Agree with the above- with rest, massage and heat-it should improve 5 days or so. If pain continues, I would get it checked out.


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    In addition to heat and massage I also use a TENS unit on my traps and deltoids.Your MD could also get you an order to see a physical therapist.

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    Would also add an NSAID such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen if not better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number1advocate View Post
    I have a pain, sometimes sharp like a cramp and sometimes a throbbing ache, in my left shoulder. It is not in the joint/rotator, but between my anterior and medial deltoid muscles, in the front.
    i know how it is, since last winter my shoulders have been toast. i walk , but not too well on icy downhill tree filled steep slopes.
    i think i tore up both sets of stuff that connect the shoulder to around the socket. i couldn't get my left arm up and the right wasnt much better , had to remember to keep the elbows close to my body if i was going to do anything requiring my shoulder
    cauda equina

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    So I went to the Ortho ( a really good one) and he diagnosed me with an enflamed biceps tendon. He thought maybe a tear but found no tear on the ultra sound. What he found was a bunch of fluid around the tendon where it crosses the front of the shoulder (which explains why I thought it was my shoulder hurting).
    So he gave me a shot of cortisone (unpleasant but not as bad as i thought it would be). The pain is greatly diminished but there remains an "issue" there. What he said was that ironically, I can ride a handcycle or lift weights with no problems but wheeling around the mall (pushing on hand rims) turns the shoulders inward just enough to bind the biceps tendon. This is funny to me because what I am hearing him say is that I can continue my grueling 400 mile rides through the Rocky Mountains on my handcycle but should use a power chair when I am back on the block. So weird! Anyone have a similar Dx or experience?

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