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Thread: Dr Huang China Stemcells

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    Dr Huang China Stemcells

    Has anyone heard of good bad reports from this hospital for treatment for Stroke recovery or any other success storys or negative ones. Thanks

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    I was there and it is good for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KIM View Post
    I was there and it is good for nothing.

    How can you explain their publications ?
    It seems like this is the only site which advertise their findings and follow-ups with their patients.
    As Dr Wise always complain that no clinic does follow up and advertise their findings, it seems like this one DO.
    It looks very organized and well documented.
    See here: Cord Injury

    Am I missing anything ?


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    i am chinese.l knew dr.huang. in fact,they make a story for money,nothing fo sci.

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    I knew of a person who went over there for his treatment, and it was a waste of money. Plus, they don't test the stem cells or release information pertaining to them. That could be a very scary scenario.
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    I still don't understand - Are you implying that all the people with thier information including email addresses are fake ?

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    I don't have an explanation for the positive feedback. I went through the evaluation to become a candidate and everything. I kept researching after they told me they won't tell you where the stems cells originate...huge warning sign. I understand there are many lawsuits against him. I'm sorry. I was so pumped up about it, too. My mom even went as far as getting her passport to go with me.
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    everybody is getting cured there, but it's a secret.... Shhhhhhhh
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