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Thread: Can't figure it out!!

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    Can't figure it out!!

    I had an epidural abcess from t-5 thru t-8 in August 2010. Recovery was going well I was walking and had good sensation in my legs. A month ago I began to loose sensation in both legs. Now left leg has no sensation at all and the right leg is very little. I had an MRI done 3 weeks ago and showed no new compressions. Neurologist did say I had a myelopathy but he didn't think that was the cause of my problems. I still have my strength, but I'm afraid that will be next to go.

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    What a scary thing to happen. I would pursue further information from your neurologist, asking what the other possible causes could be. If you do not get sufficient information, I would seek another opinion. This is quite a significant change for you.


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