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Thread: BSS Quad w/ new feet sensation

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    BSS Quad w/ new feet sensation

    Two years post now and have pretty much remained stable with my feet. Was initially diagnosed with central spinal cord, but doctors at the University of Virgina later said that I'm Brown-Séquard syndrome. Started walking with a walker about 4 months out, but have always struggled with bad R foot drop, along with balance and coordination issues. Typical BSS in that I have good function and mobility on the left side, with right sided poor mobility and function, along with downed temperature perception. I've always experienced a great deal of nerve pain in my upper extremities, especially my hands, but very little in my lower. But over the last week, the bottoms of both feet have went to burning, and if I didn't know better, I'd think I was standing in the middle of a fire on rigid pieces of wood. Each step I take burns like electrical current being applied to the soles of my feet. I've done all the normal checks for cuts, puncture, sores, etc..with nothing abnormal. I want to take this a good sign of some additional return, but yet don't want to ignore an underlying problem. Has anyone other BSS injuries experienced this type of new developing pain sensation and was it a + or -?
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