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Thread: Sediment in urine

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    I am now finally having a significant turnaround in my levels of sediment. I have SIGNIFICANTLY increased vitamin C intake. I take 2000 mg a day, split between morning and night. I now rarely see any grainy sediment in my drainage bag.

    I just changed my catheter today, two weeks since my last change. For the first time in months, I didn't see any grainy build up inside the catheter after taking it out (cutting it open to inspect).

    Hooray vitamin C!

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    Great! Do you take a certain type of vitamin C? Time-release?

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    I have just been using standard vitamin C. Mine is made by Nature Made. I split it between morning and night since it's not time release.

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    So the idea is that less sediment forms in a more acidic bladder environment?

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    Exactly. I forget where I found it, but I saw several webpages that indicated it could help. Sediment can be made from a few types of minerals, but a more acidic environment dissolves most types (but not all). Apparently the sediment I've been having is significantly affected by pH.

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    Also make sure that you drink a lot - water or non-caffeinated beverages. Also, there was a thought (a long time ago) that staying away from calcium rich foods, beverages, etc could help to decrease the sediment. I don't advocate that, but it is certainly worth a try if nothing else works.

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    Are there any possible negative side effects to maintaining a constantly acidic pH level?

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    this is interesting. my neuro urologist says even to change a little bit of pH of urine, a boat load of vitamin C is needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    There was the thought that foods rich in calcium increased the sediment. That is not the case anymore, but if you are having problems, you might try decreasing your calcium intake and see if it helps. The key is to keep the catheter flowing with fluid - the more you drink the better. That being said, irrigations sometimes have to be done. Renacidin is supposed to help. it is instilled and left in the bladder for a short period of time. Normal Saline merely is flushed in and drained. Not sure if that really does much of anything (my personal opinion).
    I would doubt that the levaquin did anything to stir this up. However, the uti may have. Hoepfully, after a few days, it will settle down. If not, give your doc a call and see what he/she recommends.

    CKF, i am running into similar problem - my sp-clogging and doctor prescribed Lithostat for my case. I had sand in my urin. what do you think of that? Could glass of beer/wine increase the clogging? the only medication i take on regular basis is bloodthinners.
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