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Thread: numbness & tingling in hands

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    numbness & tingling in hands

    hi i was advised by a member to start a new thread and hope i am doing so [thanks advisor] I have been told i am an SCI [T-12] incomplete as a result of a dural av fistula corrected at john hopkins hosp sept. 1,2009. as a result i have limited use of my body below the waist. i have bowle and bladder incontinentce [must use a diaper at all times] and am only able to stand and walk with a walker for limited distances. recently i started to have terrible pain in my hands and fingers my doctor told me it was carpal tunnel syndrome [prob from wheel chair use] and proscribed pain patches, special gloves ,etc. this worked for a while but it has come roaring back with a vengence. now can only open my 2 middle fingers on both hands with manual help, hands and fingers, swollen and pain is terrable and this is 24/7 but worse at night. i am not sure the doctor was correct in saying it is CTS. if anyone out there has had anything like this or has any advise i sure would appreciate it if you would advise me thanks in advance, poobear

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    It sounds to me like more than CTS, and I think it would be wise for you to have an MRI of the cervical spine, and perhaps other tests in consultation with a neurologist. I have similar symptoms, and they appear to be caused by bulging discs, bone spurs and/or cord lesions in the c-spine. But your symptoms might or might not be related to those issues, and it's important to find out soon so that you can preserve the use of your hands. Best wishes with this, I know how scary it is to lose hand function and have pain on top of everything else.
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    I agree with Bonnette. The symptoms seem pretty severe for carpal tunnel, and the fact that you have been using a chair/walker for such a short time makes it seem even less likely to me that you would have developed CT this soon, unless you already had overuse from some earlier cause. The Ulnar nerve is also something that should be looked at. It is the nerve running from your elbow area to your wrist/hand, and sometimes the pressure of armrests can cause compression of that nerve. An MRI or electrical stimulation test can help rule things in or out in terms of diagnosis. Good luck. My hands are in awful shape, so I know that it hurts like hell and is terrifying both.

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    Agree that you should seek out another opinion and also a physiatrist evaluation who will likely recommend occupational therapy services.


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    Hate to sound like a broken record...but...I agree too.

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    If the pain and numbness is occurring in your ring and pinky fingers, then you may need to inquire about Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, rather then Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The most likely reason for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is pressure on the ulnar nerve in your elbow, not your wrist.

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    thank you for the swift reply by all of you. i will take your advise and check with my doctors about all of your issues. thanks again poobear

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    Have they done and EMG to diagnose the CTS? Try accupuncture also for symptom relief.

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