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Thread: Long winter coat?

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    Long winter coat?

    I have been searching for a LONG full length winter coat with no success. Has anyone found one that is long and warm, but still looks nice while sitting down (and not like a big frumpy sleeping bag or blanket wrapped around you)? Down would be nice, but anything warm will do.

    I have looked through the websites posted in an older coat thread, but none were long and the posts were old, so if anyone has come across something new, please share.


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    I have been looking, but it is impossible. I think it has to be very narrow and buttons all down. But that is not the fashion this year...

    Here everybody have coats to the knees and with down inside. And I look really bad in one like that.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    first one is longest...
    this last one looks long: Canada Goose Women's Mystique Parka
    but currently out of stock
    good luck with your search!
    this is the Canada Goose Women's Mystique.

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    this is the Ladies Kensington

    not quite as long but buttons...

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    Megellan's makes a nice Women's Packable Torrential Trench for airline industry employees. They are warm, hold their shape nicely and are made to be particularly wrinkle resistant. One draw back is they generally come in the limited colors of taupe, steel blue and black. Good luck to you!!

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    I had the men's version of this riding coat years ago which worked quite well, the back comes undone from the hem to the waist for sitting on a horse or in a chair.

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    These coats aren't long, but don't they fit a sitting figure beautifully? If you contact IZ Adaptive, they may be able to make the coat in a long model.,ProductName

    How not to look frumpy in a coat:

    NL (GJ's wife)
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    it just so happens, a friend passed this info on to me. She was looking for a long wool coat for her husband, a wheelchair user. I noted many of the styles were for women. This looks like outerwear for work to me and is not cheap but if you have it for 20 yrs and it keeps you warm...!

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