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Thread: MX Star to Pedal Across US for Cause

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    Thumbs up MX Star to Pedal Across US for Cause

    Erin Lopez

    Once Thought Never to Walk Again, Jimmy Button Embarks on Over 2,000 Mile Journey for a Cause

    Jimmy Button, former motocross champion, will cycle 2,428 miles from San Diego, California to Daytona Beach, Florida beginning Feb. 20, 2011 benefiting Miles for Miracles. Miles for Miracles' goal is to raise money and awareness for the very important research that is going on that could end the suffering a person goes through after having injured their spinal cord.

    In 2000, Button suffered paralyzing injuries during a practice round before an AMA San Diego Supercross event. Through the help and support of family, friends, and doctors, he is one of the fortunate few to recover from a serious spinal cord injury.

    In memory of his 11th year anniversary since the accident, Button will ride a bicycle from the very location where he endured his tragic accident and continue for two months until he reaches Daytona Beach Florida, averaging approximately 60 miles per day.

    Jimmy Button says: "I am extremely fortunate to have recovered from such a serious spinal cord injury. I want to help others that have experienced this traumatic and debilitating injury, while also bringing awareness of spinal cord injuries to the masses.

    "I will be celebrating my recovery by riding for those who cannot. It has been a long journey for me to now be able to do this physically demanding journey, but I know that this will help bring hope to those that are trying to walk again through either inspiration or funds. "

    Button began training nearly a year ago on an indoor stationary bike, building up his strength and endurance. August of 2010 was his first time on an outdoor bike since his accident. Though recovered, Button suffers from life-long injures that will provide additional obstacles during his ride.

    Button's accident caused damage to his nervous system, preventing him from feeling temperature and prohibiting him from sweating. Without the ability to sweat, it is difficult for Button's body to regulate its internal temperature, especially in extreme hot or cold climates. During his cross-country ride he will have to medically monitor his temperature very closely, and his trainer Cory Worf accompany him.

    People can support Button's cause by donating to Miles for Miracles, or they can join Button on his cross country ride. Button's goal is to raise $1 Million, which will be donated to Dr. Hans Keirstead, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anatomy and Neurology at University of California-Irvine Reeves Irvine Research Center in Southern California for continued research of severe spinal cord injuries.

    There are multiple ways one can support Miles for Miracles. People can donate $5 by texting BIKE to 85944, which enters them in for a chance to win a 450cc San Manuel Yamaha motocross bike replica or a Sette bike, the same model that Button will be riding cross country.

    Donations of any amount can be made at, or people can pledge $0.01 per mile, $24.28 per person. People can also join Button for a day on the ride, for more details on how to join Button's ride visit
    Follow Miles for Miracles on Facebook and Twitter.

    About Road 2 Recovery is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded to enhance the support of motocross through assistance to AMA licensed professional Motocross and Supercross riders who sustain career ending injuries.
    Miles for Miracles is a program within Road 2 Recovery and was founded in 2010 by former Motocross rider Jimmy Button. All proceeds will be donated to Dr. Hans Keirstead, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anatomy and Neurology at University of California-Irvine Reeves Irvine Research Center in Southern California for continued research of severe spinal cord injuries. Visit for more information find and track the ride's progress.
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    This is a great deal Jimmy is doing, for a great cause as we all know. He's leaving on his journey the day following the Supercross race in San Diego, which was the location of his injury 10 years ago.

    If your in the area you need to come out and support the start of his journey.

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    Let's all wish him the very best. This is an inspiring story. Made a donation today.
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