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Thread: This is the worst case of cabin fever since my hospitalization

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    This is the worst case of cabin fever since my hospitalization

    I haven't left the house since Dec. 24. We had a big blizzard (14 inches) Dec. 26, with another 8 inches a week later and 14 more inches Jan. 12.

    And it only gets to 25 F during the day, so I don't even want to go out.

    I probably should make a list of indoor projects and get them done before the temps warm up. But in the meantime, it's like prison.

    Is anyone else feeling this kind of isolation?

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    25F is a heat wave! i have definitely felt that when winter storms hit in winters past. especially when u have tons of snow, lots of wind and the temps dip down to -20 or lower.
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    We are having some serious cabin fever. Dave had a quick trip to the doctor almost 2 weeks ago. Was the Thursday before Xmas before that to Bennegin's.
    I went and got a haircut and a couple errands when my daughter stayed with him one day.
    The cold air tough on his lungs. I'm getting where I don't want to go out because I am starting to feel subhuman.
    I've spent waaaaaaaaay too much time on the computer.
    This is our second winter at the end of a dead end street. I did not realize before how much we watched people walk dogs, drive by and neighbor kids play before.

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    Oh yes and yes some more ! We could write the book on cabin fever in our house - and I like you Linda spend entirely too much time on this devil machine . How about a polar bear swim to break the monotony -

    I at least get out to work and take care of the usual ADL type stuff that needs doing - but I can not believe how much snow we have - it's insane - makes me worry about a very wet spring ahead !!

    On the up side having lots of time on the 'puter allows me to find things like this - Anyone ever been ???????

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    You gotta get out, no matter what everyday except during the blizzard. Try skiing........makes winter fly rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    You gotta get out, no matter what everyday except during the blizzard. Try skiing........makes winter fly
    I can't get Dave's chair through the snow, much less take him skiing.
    There are 3 other people other than myself that can stay with him.
    One is an aide and the other 2 have FT jobs.
    I'm glad for the people that are able to enjoy winter.

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    Cabin fever......I've been having that since last summer...when it was too hot to go out. Now I can't get out because of snow. I'm lucky to be able to get to the car, let alone ski, and that's if I could afford it! I live eight miles from the ski slopes, so I would'nt even have a trip involved.

    I know what you're talking about Uncle Peter, and it's hard sometimes to keep motivated and busy. I try to read some, I'm able to sew and try to keep a project going. Right now I have'nt started anything new....made a lot of pj bottoms for the kids for Christmas. I need to figure out something........before I start getting too bad. I guess you just have to try and keep as busy as you can. I'm lucky I have a couple of good friends I keep in contact with most days too. Good luck and stay busy!

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    Tiff Carlson, CareCure's Theophania, says in her blog that if you can't beat the snow, hibernate and accomplish indoor tasks. So, it's time to write that novel or rearrange my files.

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    I have been inside since before Christmas too. Makes me crazy. It is me and the cats but two days ago they cleaned the street for snow and now it has been snowing for 2 days. Maybe it is possible to drive on Monday if they clean the road again.

    I call like crazy, I talk with a girlfriend for four hours yesterday, I don't care about the phone bill. I need to talk to somebody. Well, I have been to the doctor and took a taxi from door to door.
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    Everytime I think I'm going to go shovel my car out, it starts snowing again!

    I'm going to try again tomorrow ... but the forecast is calling for flurries. I'm out of bread and orange juice here! lol

    Calling for rain on Tuesday and 4°C .. what weather!

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