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Thread: Best Way to Split a DVD file for posting on a website

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    Best Way to Split a DVD file for posting on a website

    I need to split a large DVD file into 10 minute increments so I can run the video through YouTube to post on a website. Any idea on how to best do this?

    Alternatively, I don't need to use YouTube, but am not sure what other easy options are out there for converting and posting video to a website.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    hi OJ,

    Avidemux is a free and very useful tool for video editing. You can jump to 10 minutes later and cut there, but if you plan to post on youtube, the limit is 15minutes now.

    Alternatively to youtube you can use to post you videos. It is a good service but advertising can mad your visitors. I can do the video split, publish or anything else for you but PM to tell me what is the task about

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