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Thread: Quickie Titanium Custom Offroad Wheelchair

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    Quickie Titanium Custom Offroad Wheelchair

    Custom Offroad Quickie Ti Titanium Wheelchair listed on Ebay:
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    sale ended today. (This was not an old beat up Quickie)
    Nor was the price $1,500. You were looking at a buy it now after the sale was already over. The new price on the chair was over $3,000.
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    Seems over priced if you ask me. You would be better returning the chair to standard and selling the extra separately.

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    Way over priced. $1500 for a beat up old Quickie?!? That's only $500 shy of a brand new one, and they don make them any more so finding spare or replacement parts might be tough. Most ppl spend $400 on a Freewheel when they need top notch off road handling. I'd try again between $600-$800 if you don't move it this time, personally, or part it out.

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