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Thread: Iphones, quads and wheelkchairs. Oh my!

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    Iphones, quads and wheelkchairs. Oh my!

    How do you guys find your iphone (or any smart phone)

    In particular ease of use with quad hands. I think the voice activated features would be cool.

    How about storage / access? I keep my cell in my fany pack attached to armrest and keep it between my hip and armrest. Needless to say, by the time i get the phone out ... I miss alot of calls.

    I'm thinking something like an inconspicuous holder securley attached to the armrest would be great! It could flip up when needed. tucked away when not.

    does such a thing exist?

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    A friend of mine uses a "Smart Clip" that adheres to the phone and it s a loop, which he hooks over his brake lever; I do something similar with my keys. He says he purchased the clip online.
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    I use a Blackberry Pearl, it is super robust, handles dropping, being run over by my powerchair, being picked up by my service dog, etc. I use a case that allows me to just lay my phone on a special charging mat on my desk, the "otter box" seems to be a great case too, my buddy has one on his iphone. I mounted a digital camera case on the side of my chair, it works quite well.

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    I've done a couple using 1/8" ABS plastic molded to the specific shape of the phone using a heat gun. The one on the right is one example. The phone itself just snaps in place. The holder is attached to the arm pad using 3M exterior mounting tape.

    The one on the left is simply attached to a bracket bolted to the joystick mounting tube. The phone attaches to the bracket using SnapLock Velcro.

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    i use the thiphone - google it
    although the phone falls off sometimes
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    I have one of these for my iPhone 4... it could potentially be used to secure it to a chair:

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    I'd check out ram mounts. I've been using a version of one for about six months without complaint. There are a variety of choices.

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    it took me sooooooooo long to find - i have a silicon case that has an attachment fir a lanyard, which i use to secure my iphone around my neck, pull it out of a pocket (if its raining) and supplement my so-so grip so it doesnt fall on the ground. you can fairly easily get leather cases that have lanyards, but i specifically did not want one. this took a worldwide search and several months to find... a zcover. i tracked one down at the toronto apple store, shouldnt be too hard for a north american to find. i think they have a website. mine has a belt clip and an armstrap too.

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    I absolutely LOVE my iPhone. I have a 3gs and wouldn't trade it for another model. I find that is it pretty easy to use, and I can type with both hands. I'm incomplete, so I have 1 quad hand and 1 functional hand. I can't use bluetooth, but I'm a big fan of the headphones because they work like bluetooth.

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    Thank you everyone.

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